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We welcome applications for four places on the ING studentship
programme 2019/20.

The deadline for applications is

31st March 2019

Details of the programme can be found on:

The programme provides a unique opportunity for up to four PhD, MSc or undergraduate astronomy students to get hands-on experience of work at an international observatory.… continue to the full article

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RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting: Flares on the Sun and stars: microflares, megaflares, and the largest flare of Solar Cycle 24

Abstract submission deadline extended to 19th March 2019

Organisers: Anne-Marie Broomhall (Univ. of Warwick), James McLaughlin (Northumbria Univ.), Valery Nakariakov (Univ. of Warwick), Aaron Reid (Queen’s University, Belfast)
For queries e-mail:

Friday, 12th April 2019
Royal Astronomical Society Lecture Theatre, Burlington House, Piccadilly

Flares that are far more energetic than typical solar flares have been observed on solar-like stars, leading to predictions that the average occurrence rate of these so-called “superflares” on “stars with similar rotation periods to the Sun is about once in 500 to 600 years” (Maehara et al., 2015).… continue to the full article

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New UKSP Nugget #99

99. Preflare and flare turbulence in the transition region
by Natasha Jeffrey, Lyndsay Fletcher, Nicolas Labrosse (Glasgow) and Paulo Simões (MacKenzie).

High cadence flare observations with IRIS provide evidence for transition region heating by turbulence.

UKSP Nuggets are published on a monthly basis highlighting solar physics research led from the UK.… continue to the full article

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99. Preflare and flare turbulence in the transition region

Authors: Natasha Jeffrey, Lyndsay Fletcher* and Nicolas Labrosse at the University of Glasgow and Paulo Simões at MacKenzie Presbyterian University, São Paulo.

*Also at Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics, University of Oslo

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From the optically thin lines emitted by hot plasmas it is possible to obtain properties such as density, temperature and flow speed.… continue to the full article

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University of Oslo, Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics – Postdoctoral Research Fellowship in Solar/Stellar Physics

A position as Postdoctoral Research Fellow is available at the Rosseland Centre for Solar Physics, Institute of Theoretical Astrophysics, University of Oslo.
The fellowship period is 3 years. Starting date preferably 01.10.2019 but might be negotiated.

The position is connected to the project “Exploring Millimeter Indicators of Solar-Stellar Activity“ (EMISSA), which will use the Atacama Large Millimeter/sub-millimeter Array (ALMA) for a re-evaluation of the activity of stars by means of a comparative solar-stellar study with the Sun serving as a fundamental reference.… continue to the full article

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