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The SunPy Project: Open Source Development and Status of the Version 1.0 Core Package

The SunPy Community is pleased to announce a new publication related to SunPy v1.0 in the Astrophysical Journal (, with the software reviewed by the Journal of Open Source Software (

The goal of the SunPy project is to facilitate and promote the use and development of community-led, free, and open source data analysis software for solar physics based on the scientific Python environment.… continue to the full article

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A Frontiers Research Topic “Solar-stellar Connection Revealed by Magnetic Activity and Eruptive Phenomena” is now open for submission.

The website of the Research Topic is

Manuscripts can be submitted to this Research Topic via the following peer reviewed journals:
Frontiers in Astronomy and Space Sciences
or Frontiers in Physics

Manuscript submission due date:

20 September 2020

About this Research Topic:
Observations have revealed that the Sun and the stars possess the common magnetic activity and eruptive phenomena in their atmosphere.

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Topical Issue on Space climate in JSWSC: Deadline on 31 March

Dear Colleagues,

The Journal of Space Weather and Space Climate (JSWSC) accepts submissions of
research and review manuscripts for a Topical Issue on “Space climate: The past and
future of solar activity” to appear in 2020. This is an open call for papers discussing any aspect of Space Climate, i.e., the long-term change in the Sun and its effects in the heliosphere and the near-Earth space environment, including solar effects on the atmosphere and climate.… continue to the full article

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AGP Community Report 2019

Please find below a link to the Chair’s Community Report for the 2019 Astronomy Grant round.

AGP Community Report 2019

A copy will also be added to the Astronomy Grant Panel Web page which can be found at:

Kind regards

Kim Burchell (Head of Astronomy Awards), Sent on behalf of the AGP Chair, Prof Jim Wild to the full article

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