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Astronomy Guidelines – 2019

Dear Colleagues

This note is to advise that the closing date for the 2019 Astronomy Grant Round is 6th February 2019. Submissions are accepted from 1st December 2018.

The Astronomy Guidelines for Applicants have been revised and can be found at:

Applicants are strongly advised to read the guidelines in detail and contact the office with any queries.… continue to the full article

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AGP 2018 Community Report

Dear Colleagues

Please find attached the Chairs Community Report for the 2018 Astronomy Grant Round. A copy will also be added to the Astronomy Grant Panel Web page which can be found at:

Kind regards

Kim Burchell, Head of Astronomy Grants

Sent on behalf of the AGP Chair, Prof Jim Wild to the full article

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First UK-led Solar Science Space Mission: SULIS – Consortium Membership OPEN

This post is designed to provide you with more information about SULIS (Solar cUbesats for Linked Imaging Spectropolarimetry), a UK-led solar science space mission concept and one of five shortlisted solar system priority projects named by STFC.

– – Mission Aim:

Understand the Sun’s link to the inner heliosphere via revolutionary UK-led technology.… continue to the full article

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Reminder: Ph.D. Dissertation Prize — deadline Dec 15

We encourage new PhDs – who have defended their thesis between 16 December 2017 and 15 December 2018 anywhere in the world – to apply for the IAU PhD prize. Each Division can award one prize ( Please help spread the word to institutions and organizations that award Doctorates in the activity areas of Division E.… continue to the full article

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Solar System Advisory Panel Questionnaire 2018 – request for community input to the Astronomy Programme Evaluation

The Solar System Advisory Panel (SSAP) requests your help in providing information to the STFC Astronomy Programme Evaluation, for the next STFC Balance of Programmes Review and as preparation for future funding priorities.

The SSAP invite members of the solar system community, at all levels from PhD to Professor, to respond to a questionnaire which includes questions on science themes and facilities representing the current and near-future scientific priorities for UK solar system physics.… continue to the full article

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IAU PhD Prize 2018 – reminder of the deadline for applications

Dear Colleagues,

I would like to alert you about the opportunity below – the IAU PhD Prize.

May I also take the opportunity to encourage you to join the Commission E3 within the IAU Division E, as this may be of particular relevance for some members of the UKSP community: Commission E3 Solar Impact throughout the Heliosphere

The IAU has created in 2016 a new prize – the IAU PhD Prize.… continue to the full article

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