47th IOP Plasma Physics Conference, 21-24 April 2020, Institute of Physics, London, UK

November 20, 2019, from Ken McClements

The annual Institute of Physics (IOP) Plasma Physics Conference is organised by the IOP Plasma Physics Group and covers all aspects of plasma physics, including magnetic and inertial confinement fusion, astrophysical, solar and space plasmas, low density and technological/industrial plasmas, low temperature plasmas, high energy density and laser plasmas, dusty and complex plasmas, plasma surface interactions, plasma applications including medical applications and plasma diagnostics.

Submissions for oral and poster presentations are now being accepted. Abstract should be a maximum of 500 words including figures and references. The link for abstract submission is the following:


Key dates

Abstract submission deadline 24 January 2020
Early registration deadline 6 March 2020
Registration deadline 10 April 2020