Abstract deadline 16th November: Recent Advances in Solar Partially Ionised Plasma RAS Discussion Meeting

October 8, 2018, from Andrew Hillier

The abstract deadline for oral talks at the upcoming RAS discussion meeting titled ‘Recent Advances on Solar Partially Ionised Plasma’ is soon (16th November). Information on the procedure to submit abstracts for both oral and poster presentations are on the website: blogs.exeter.ac.uk/rasdiscussion/.

The meeting will be held at Burlington House on 11th January 2019. The purpose of this meeting is to discuss at current, and future, observations and models used to investigate solar partially ionised plasma, and how they are developing our understanding of the dynamic phenomena that occur in the solar atmosphere. Full details of the meeting can be found at the website.

Many Thanks,
Andrew Hillier (University of Exeter)
Alex Russell (University of Dundee)