AOGS Sessions in Sun, Heliosphere, Space Weather, and Ionosphere…

February 13, 2017, from Mario Bisi

Dear Colleague.

I would like to draw your attention to the impending abstract-submission deadline of 15 February 2017 (Singapore time) for submissions to this year’s AOGS meeting in Singapore (06-11 August 2017). The abstract-submission site is here: and the full list of sessions is here:

The following sessions I would like to advertise for which I am a convenor/co-convenor and would like to ask for contributed abstracts to be submitted to one or more are as follows:
ST14 – Sun and Heliosphere General Session Including Helioseismology and Solar Diagnostic Techniques
ST20 – Forecasting Solar-wind and Magnetic-field Parameters Throughout the Inner Heliosphere
ST24 – Broadband Radio Solar, Coronal, Heliospheric, and Ionospheric Physics: Observations, Theory, Modelling, and Scientific Investigation
ST26 – General Session for Upper Atmosphere and Ionosphere
ST27 – Mesosphere-thermosphere-ionosphere Coupling Processes on Global Scale

Please remember that each AOGS registration covers the presentation of up to two abstracts – you do not need to be the first author of both abstracts but can be the presenting author as long as you are named on each abstract you are to present. This counts for both oral and poster presentations. Full regulations and costs can be found here:

And here are the other sessions relevant to Sun and Heliosphere:
ST02 – Energetic Particle Acceleration and Transport in the Heliosphere
ST06 – Origin, Eruption, Propagation and Space Weather Effect of Magnetic Flux Ropes
ST08 – Sun-earth System Response to Extreme Solar and Seismic Events
ST09 – Magnetic Reconnection in Space Plasma: Observations and Simulations
ST12 – Waves and Turbulence in the Solar Atmosphere and Solar Wind
ST13 – Global Solar Wind-planetary Environment Interactions : a Comparative View of Recent Observations, Modeling and Numerical Simulations
ST16 – The Large-scale Interplanetary Phenomena: Sources, Properties and Space Weather Effects
ST22 – Use of Nano/microsatellites for Solar-terrestrial Studies
ST23 – Future and Current Space Missions and Instrumentation for Space and Planetary Science

Looking forward to seeing you in Singapore.

Best wishes,

ST-H (Sun and Heliosphere Secretary, elected 2011-2013, 2013-2015, and 2015-2017)
ST President Candidate (2017 election at Singapore)