British-Russian Seminar of Young Scientists “Dynamical plasma processes in the heliosphere: from the Sun to the Earth”

April 30, 2017, from Valery Nakariakov

Deadline extension: the new deadline is on the 15th of May.

The British-Russian seminar of young scientists (a summer school), funded by the British Council, will hold on the 18-21st of September, 2017 in Irkutsk, Russia. The main topics include
• Analogies and differences between the coronal, solar wind and magnetospheric plasmas; and the ionospheric and chromospheric plasmas.
• Magnetohydrodynamic waves.
• Magnetic reconnection and impulsive energy releases: solar flares and geomagnetic storms.
• Charged particle acceleration and dynamics.
• Advanced modelling techniques, high-performance computing.
• Advanced data analysis techniques.
• Modern instrumentation.
The attendance of the selected participants will be fully supported (airfare, accommodation and other travel expenses). In addition, we shall also welcome self-paying attendees specialised in the relevant research fields.

Who can be a supported participant?
The supported participants of workshop are early career researchers affiliated with UK and Russian universities and research institutions, specialising in the field of the workshop: solar, solar wind, magnetospheric, ionospheric and upper atmospheric physics and space weather. Specialists in basic plasma, geophysics, planetology, stellar physics and plasma astrophysics are also be very welcome. We expect the supported early career researchers to have been awarded their PhD not more than 10 years prior to the workshop, but allowances can be made for career breaks.

The self-paying participants
can be affiliated in any country and be PhD students or post-doctoral researchers of any stage of their career.

How to submit your application?
Please submit your application that should consist of
– CV (curriculum vitae),
– List of publications,
– Motivation letter
to email The new deadline is the 15th of May, 2017.

Additional information about the seminar, its venue, travel, social activity, SOC and LOC, excursions and visas can be found on the webpage