Call for Proposals to Host the 9th Solar Coronal Loops Workshop

June 27, 2018, from Stephen Bradshaw

Dear Colleagues,

The Coronal Loops Workshop series, inaugurated in Paris (2002), has been tremendously successful in bringing together researchers from all over the world to discuss current problems related to the physics of closed magnetic structures in the solar corona, and to present their progress toward solving them. The Workshops have also provided an excellent forum for young researchers to participate in discussions and to showcase their work. The previous Workshop in the series (Loops VIII) was held in Palermo, in June 2017 (

The Steering Committee for the Coronal Loops Workshops now invites proposals to host the 9th Workshop in the series (Loops IX), which will be convened in 2019.

Letters of Intent to submit a proposal are optional, but would be useful to the Steering Committee if sent no later than July 13th. Full proposals must be submitted on or before July 27th.

Proposals should be no more than 3 pages in length and must include:

• A description of the proposed location (including accessibility from major transport hubs).
• The preferred dates, avoiding conflicts with other major community meetings in 2019.
(e.g. EGU [Apr. 7 – 12]; IAU Cambridge [Apr. 14 – 19]; CESPM [May. 6 – 10]; AAS/SPD [likely third week of June], NAM/UKSP [Jun. 30 – Jul. 4]; IAUS 354 [Jun. 30 – Jul. 6]; AOGS [Jul. 28 – Aug. 2]; Hinode 13 [Sept. 2 – 6])
• A description of the venue, meeting room, and facilities.
• An overview of the local accommodation and dining options.
• Transport between the accommodation and the workshop venue (e.g. a walk, bus ride, etc).
• An estimate of the total cost of the workshop.
• An estimate of the registration fee (assuming 60 participants).
• Who will Chair the SOC/LOC?
• Any other comments that you think would be helpful to the Steering Committee in support of your proposal.

Please send letters of intent, full proposals, and requests for a copy of the Workshop Guidelines, to Steve Bradshaw (Steering Committee Chair:

With best wishes,

Steve Bradshaw
(on behalf of the Coronal Loops Workshops Steering Committee)

Dr. Stephen J. Bradshaw
(Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy)

Department of Physics and Astronomy (MS 108)
Rice University,
6100 Main Street,
TX 77005,

Tel: +1 713 348 4045