EAS2021 Special Session “Science with WEAVE” on 1 July 2021

February 17, 2021, from Steve Brygan

Dear colleagues

We are happy to announce our Special Session 17 “Science with WEAVE, the WHT’s next-generation spectroscopic survey facility” on 1st of July as part of EAS2021.

At the start of the eight community-led surveys with WEAVE, this timely session will focus on

 WEAVE’s design and capabilities
 WEAVE’s surveys
 First results from WEAVE’s commissioning
 Proposing for WEAVE’s open time
 Accessing WEAVE data

and is designed for all future WEAVE users inside and outside the collaboration. We therefore appreciate if you could circulate this announcement widely among your colleagues.

Details can be found on the conference website: https://eas.unige.ch/EAS2021/session.jsp?id=SS17 and registration and abstract submissions for contributed talks are possible and welcome until March 2.

We actively encourage open-time proposals, synergies with other existing and future instruments and archive use for a variety of science cases that can be realised with WEAVE, so please join us on the 1st of July to discuss scientific possibilities with WEAVE, review first results and share experiences!

With best wishes,
Ulrike Kuchner, Gavin Dalton, Shoko Jin, Maria Monguió Montells and Scott Trager
(SS17 SOC)