EGU 2018 (Vienna) – Session on Kinetic Physics in the Solar Wind and Terrestrial Magnetosphere: Submissions Welcome

December 4, 2017, from Yana Maneva

Dear colleagues,

We invite abstract submissions to our session on kinetic processes at the EGU 2018 meeting to be held 8-13th of April in Vienna, Austria.

Session ST2.2: Kinetic and non-thermal physics in the solar wind and terrestrial magnetosphere

Large-scale perturbations induced by solar plasma outflows propagate and decay in space plasmas and may trigger kinetic effects at small scales, which can explain their dissipation, particle acceleration, or the observed enhanced fluctuations and instabilities, turbulence and diverse non-linear effects. Small-scale kinetic modelling of plasma micro-states, e.g., particle distributions, may create valuable tools and real perspectives for decoding these processes. The proposed session invites contributions that respond to these challenges, aiming to provide realistic models and predictions, and overcome the existing theoretical, numerical and observational limitations. These reports should help in understanding the origin as well as the implications of non-thermal effects in the solar wind and terrestrial magnetosphere, and in particular the complex mechanisms involved in solar-terrestrial interactions.

Note that the deadline for abstract submission is 13:00 CET on the 10th of January 2018. Abstracts can be submitted here:

Yours sincerely,
Yana Maneva, Marian Lazar, Viviane Pierrard and Yuriy Voitenko ​