ESWW16 Session 7 – Space Weather Instrumentation

May 22, 2019, from Richard Morton

We invite submissions for oral presentations and posters to Session 7 (Space Weather Instrumentation) at European Space Weather Week 2019.


ESWW16 Session 7 – Space Weather Instrumentation

Space weather research, forecasting and operations rely on measurements and observations generated by specialized sensors and instrumentation. The purpose of this session is to provide a forum dedicated to Space Weather Instrumentation questions and concepts. Topics to be covered include:

  • Emerging requirements for Space Weather Instrumentation, data and resources;
  • Ground-based Space Weather Instruments and networks (including magnetometers, VLF receivers, riometers, ionosondes and neutron monitors);
  • Balloon and aircraft-based Space Weather Instruments;
  • Space-based in-situ sensors measuring cause (particles and fields) and effect (internal / surface charging, solar cell degradation etc);
  • Space-based remote-sensing instruments (EUV imagers, coronagraphs, etc); All contributions related to these topics are welcome.


Jackie Davies (RAL UKRI STFC); Keith Ryden (Univ. of Surrey); Chris Turbitt (BGS)


Important information:

European Space Weather Week runs from 18 to 22 November 2019 in Belgium – – Abstract submission deadline: 9 June 2019 – Later poster submission possible until 10 October 2019