IAU Symposium 355

February 12, 2019, from Sian Giles-Titcombe

Registration, abstract submission and grant applications are now open

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to announce IAU Symposium 355 on “The Realm of the Low Surface Brightness Universe”, which will be held from July 8 to 12, 2019, at the Guajara Campus of the University of La Laguna in the island of Tenerife, Spain.

With this first announcement we open the registration, the abstract submission, and the possibility to apply for IAU grants, all through the conference webpage at http://www.iac.es/congreso/iaus355/

Rationale and Key Topics:

IAU Symposium 355 aims to survey the denizens of the low surface brightness skies, at all wavelengths and resolutions, to show the richness of physical processes taking place in this regime, which has not been fully explored yet. From the Zodiacal light in the Solar System all the way to the cosmological backgrounds, and from the contributions of amateurs to space-based instrumentation, this Symposium will provide participants with a broad glimpse of one of the few last niches that remain to be explored.

A wide range of topics will be addressed:

– State-of-the-art in present and future ground- and space-based instrumentation for LSB observations
– Data analysis and management of upcoming LSB surveys
– The nature of interplanetary/cometary dust grains and meteoritic streams in the Zodiacal light
– Dust grains in the interstellar medium as traced by cirri
– Mass loss episodes, shocks and debris discs as traced by LSB features around stars; orphan SN and GRBs
– Low surface brightness features around galaxies: signatures of past and on-going accretion and their constraints on dark haloes
– The nature of ultra-diffuse galaxies and other galaxies discovered by LSB surveys
– The intracluster light and its role in galaxy evolution in clusters
– The circumgalactic medium of low- and high-redshift galaxies
– The cosmic web of large-scale filaments
– The UV/optical/IR cosmological background radiation and its fluctuations
– The role of amateurs in LSB observations and citizen science LSB projects
We look forward to seeing you in Tenerife in July!

David Valls-Gabaud, on behalf of the SOC Johan Knapen, on behalf of the LOC
Conference webpage: http://www.iac.es/congreso/iaus355/
Conference contact email: iaus355@viajeseci.es