Increasing our preparedness for space weather events

May 14, 2019, from Lucie Green

We invite submissions for oral presentations and posters to the above named session at European Space Weather Week 2019.

This session aims to bring together those working in business continuity, resilience, policy and space weather science in order to promote discussion on the risk assessment process and how we can learn from areas where space weather events share vulnerabilities that are common to other hazards. We will ask questions such as where are the organisational vulnerabilities to space weather? What processes will help minimise the impact of cascading events? And, what strategic issues need to be addressed at a policy level?

Space weather can lead to impact and disruption to businesses and organisations in a myriad of ways and building resiliency to this natural hazard is a complex task. However, lessons can be learned from decades of work building resilience to other hazards, both natural and human-made so we encourage broad representation at this session.

Important information:

– European Space Weather Week runs from 18 to 22 November 2019 in Belgium
– Abstract submission deadline: 9 June 2019
– Later poster submission possible until 10 October 2019

Lucie Green, Rob Wicks, Gianluca Pescaroli