JWST Proposal Planning Workshop, Exeter UK: 02-04 March 2020

December 12, 2019, from Georgina Bennett

The University of Exeter will be hosting one of 17 ESA-supported JWST Proposal Planning Workshops from 02-04 March 2020. As the only institution in the United Kingdom and Ireland to have been selected, we are sending out an open invitation to this workshop to those potentially interested in submitting Cycle 1 JWST proposals, currently anticipated to be submitted in May 2020.

The first two days of the workshop will be focused towards crafting a general understanding of JWST and demonstrating the tools available for proposal preparation. For those interested, the third day will be spent specifically on exoplanet observations with JWST (both transit observations as well as high contrast imaging and coronagraphy).

Request: If you are interested in attending this workshop, please fill out the pre-registration form before 10 January 2020 at the following link: https://ers-imaging.github.io/uk_workshop, where more details about the workshop can be found.

Unfortunately we cannot provide any financial support for travel, but we anticipate needing to charge only a small fee of roughly £50-£100 to cover the cost of the venue and refreshments.

Please do not hesitate to contact me (S.Hinkley@exeter.ac.uk) or my co-organiser Exeter PhD student Aarynn Carter (alc227@exeter.ac.uk) if you have any questions.