MSE:UK Science Workshop: Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge 25 – 27 March 2020 – Registration & Abstract Submission Now Open!

January 15, 2020, from Astrolists

Announcement: MSE: UK Science Workshop: IoA, Cambridge, 25-27 March 2020

Registration and abstract submission will be open from 15 Jan to 25 Feb 2020

Meeting Website:

Meeting Rationale:
The Maunakea Spectroscopic Explorer (MSE) is an 11.25-m telescope and dedicated multi-object spectroscopic (MOS) facility currently under development by an international consortium. It will provide critical follow-up for the next generation of all-sky multi-wavelength surveys in which the UK is currently heavily invested (e.g., LSST, Euclid, SKA).

MSE represents a timely convergence of science and technology. By collecting over a million spectra of astronomical sources each month it will probe each of the major scientific challenges identified in the STFC Science and Technology Strategy (How did the Universe begin and what is its evolution? How do stars and planetary systems develop? What is the nature of dark matter and dark energy?) MSE will also require novel technology to produce a large-aperture telescope equipped with
massively- multiplexed spectrographs.

Meeting Goals:
– Present the key science potential of MSE
– Update the UK community on the current progress of MSE
– Discuss possibilities for UK involvement in MSE
– Provide an opportunity to interact with key members of the MSE project

Invited speakers include those from the MSE project, and those involved in putting together the MSE Science Case.

Meeting Details:
The MSE:UK workshop will take place at the Institute of Astronomy, University of Cambridge, UK – The meeting will run for three days commencing at 11:00 on the 25th and ending at 15:30 on the 27th March 2020.

Attendance to the meeting is open to all interested in the MSE project, especially those working in the UK.

There will be some (limited) travel support funding available for PhD students and early stage researchers.

Looking forward to welcoming you all to Cambridge in March 2020.

Nicholas Walton, Aprajita Verma and Ruben Sanchez-Janssen (on behalf of the organising committee)