NAM 2019 – Solar and MIST Outreach Session

February 28, 2019, from Helen Mason

Please join us at NAM 2019, Tuesday, 2nd July, and submit an abstract

Session title
Engaging the public and schools with science through the solar system

J. Coxon, H. Mason, R. Walsh, M. Archer

Engaging the public and schools with research into the physics driving the Sun, and its effect on the Earth and other planets, is more important than ever. Such research is vital to our understanding of the risks (space weather) posed by the star we orbit and their implications for human space flight and exploration. We need to communicate this outside academia. Future ESA (Bepi-Columbo, Solar Orbiter, SMILE); NASA (Parker Solar Probe); and ground-based (EISCAT3D) projects are prime opportunities for engagement. We will share and discuss good practice in engagement to inform and encourage researchers to engage people with research.