NAM 2021 Session: Chromospheric dynamics and energy transport

March 25, 2021, from Natasha Jeffrey

We invite abstract submissions to the session entitled ‘Chromospheric dynamics and energy transport’ at the UK National Astronomy Meeting(19th-23rd July 2021)

The solar chromosphere is a challenging region to study from both theoretical and observational standpoints. Effects such as non-equilbirium ionisation, non-Local Thermal Equilibrium, 3D scattering effects, and partial redistribution of frequencies are often critical to model and interpret observed features. Moreover, this region is a crucial for understanding the Sun’s atmosphere since it acts as a conduit for energy, connecting the pressure dominated photosphere, and the magnetically dominated corona, as well as acting as in interface with the corona that can influence coronal heating.

The complexity of the solar chromosphere requires the development of new observational and numerical techniques that untangle the physics of this tumultuous region. This session will address these issues, presenting the latest techniques to accurately stitch together then science of the corona and the photosphere by analysing the dynamics and energy transport through the chromosphere. With the new generation of satellites and ground based telescopes looming, launching and preparing for first light, it is a fruitful time for both modeling and observing new behaviors in features such as fibrils, spicules, pores, vortices, and jets, as well as events like flares, Ellerman bombs and UV bursts.

Malcolm Druett, Ben Snow