NAM 2021 Session: Modelling of the solar atmosphere: topics beyond the magnetohydrodynamic description

March 25, 2021, from Ben Snow

We would like to encourage abstract submission to the NAM2021 session entitled ‘Modelling of the solar atmosphere: topics beyond the magnetohydrodynamic description’

Observations of the solar atmosphere reveal many phenomena that cannot be explained by simple magnetohydrodynamic (MHD) modelling alone. In such cases, it is necessary to extend our fundamental equations beyond ideal MHD to accurately understand energy release and transport. Extensions of MHD can fundamentally change the dynamics, leading to additional energy dissipation, enhanced reconnection rates and particle acceleration. Non-MHD effects are important throughout the solar atmosphere and encompass a wide range of physical effects, including (but not limited to): partial-ionisation, kinetic effects, radiative losses, and thermal conduction. Consequences of such effects are observed and understanding the role of such effects will become increasingly important in interpreting results from the current and next generation of instruments, e.g., Parker Solar Probe, Solar Orbiter, DKIST & EST. In this session, we bring together experts in observations and numerical modelling to present consequences of, advances in, and open questions of physics beyond the standard MHD description.

Abstract submission is now open:

Ben Snow, Andrew Hillier, Giulia Murtas and David Tsiklauri