NAM 2021 Session: Space weather and plasma processes: From the Sun to the Earth

March 16, 2021, from Karen Meyer

We would like to invite abstract submissions to the UK National Astronomy Meeting 2021 session “Space weather and plasma processes: From the Sun to the Earth”, which is scheduled for the afternoons of Thursday 22nd and Friday 23rd July 2021.

Theory and numerical modelling have an important role in understanding the dynamic plasma processes which begin at the Sun and drive phenomena throughout the heliosphere. On the other hand, space weather modelling aims to develop operational models of this vast complex system, representing its effects closer to real-time while retaining the underlying physics.

Therefore, one of the key aspects of this cross-disciplinary session is to provide insight into the complementary modelling approaches to study and advance our understanding of related plasma environments in the Sun-Earth system. Furthermore, to reveal new prediction techniques which are able to refine our forecasting skills and capabilities of Solar Dynamics, Space Weather and Space Climate processes.

We welcome presentations from the scale of individual processes to the coupling between physical systems, in the fields of solar, heliospheric, magnetospheric and ionospheric physics. We encourage contributions on a variety of research methodologies, including the application of techniques drawn from other disciplines. We hope to see submissions ranging from observations and theory to numerical, statistical and machine learning modelling, in order to foster collaborations across communities.

NAM 2021 will take place online (hosted by the University of Bath) on 19th – 23rd July 2021.

Abstract submission is now open:

S. Bentley, M. Korsos, K. Meyer, T. Bloch, S. Bloomfield, R. Boynton, T. Elsden, R. Harrison, P. Pagano, A. Smith