NAM session – second announcement

March 15, 2017, from Christopher Nelson

Abstracts are invited for the NAM 2017 session ‘Latest Trends In Observing And Understanding The Dynamics Of The Solar Atmosphere: From MHD Waves To Small-Scale Transients’.

The Sun is a highly structured and dynamic body, exhibiting a wide range of waves, instabilities, and transient phenomena (e.g., Ellerman bombs, swirls, spicules) which are all likely important for the transfer of energy to the chromosphere, transition region, and corona. The inference of properties (density, magnetic field) of wave-guides from models which assume small-scale perturbations against a static background has proved successful over recent years; however, if one observes the photosphere (specifically in Active Regions) using high-resolution ground-based data, one would find anything but a stable background at the foot-points of these magnetically dominated regions. How these two pictures (an unpredictable lower solar atmosphere and an upper atmosphere stable on time-scales of minutes) of the solar atmosphere couple is still unknown. This session will bring together experts from across the solar physics community to review recent advances in the field and discuss future improvements.