One Day Science Meeting: The Importance of Binary Stars Throughout the Universe

August 1, 2019, from Sian Giles-Titcombe

Registration is now open for a one day science meeting on the role of Binary Stars across cosmic time

Title: Exploring the Importance of Binary Stars Throughout the Universe

Organisers: Elizabeth Stanway (Warwick), J J Eldridge (Auckland, NZ)

Date: Wednesday 18th September 2019 (with optional practical workshop on 19th)

Venue: University of Warwick

Cost: Attendance is free but Registration is essential. Lunch will be provided for registrants on 18th.


Binary stars are ubiquitous throughout the Universe. Virtually all massive stars have at least one stellar mass companion, and 70% will interact during their evolutionary lifetimes. At lower mass, the binary fraction is smaller but instrumental in the formation of cataclysmic variables, X-ray binaries, SN Ia, Short Gamma Ray Bursts and Gravitational Wave chirps from compact object mergers. Increasingly the relevance and important consequences of binary star evolution in the extragalactic Universe is being recognised – partly as a result of the incorporation of binaries into the BPASS stellar population synthesis code and its widespread adoption, as well as the growing interest in compact mergers from a GW perspective.

In this one day science meeting we aim to discuss the current status, impact and future developments required in binary stellar evolution and galaxy evolution models. We will explore the consequences of binary interactions for our understanding of the properties of stellar populations, and evaluate the continuing uncertainties and community priorities for future research in this area. Talks will be relatively short, with space for a mixture of invited and contributed presentations. A practical workshop session on the BPASS models and their application to data analysis will also run on Thursday 19th for those who wish to stay.

Please register at – the meeting is free of cost but registration ASAP and before 1st September 2019 is essential for room booking and catering management.