Registration Deadline 12 April 2021: RAS Specialist Discussion Meeting

March 29, 2021, from Jiajia Liu

Dear Colleague,

The registration deadline has been extended to 12 April 2021 for the Royal Astronomical Society Specialist Discussion Meeting on Friday, 14 May 2021 ( The topic is “MHD oscillations and waves from the photosphere to the corona”.

The vast presence of MHD waves and oscillations in the solar atmosphere is now unquestionable. However, it is still an open question as to how these waves and oscillations contribute to the heating of the solar atmosphere and the acceleration of the solar wind. A range of new instrumentation including e.g. the PSP, DKIST and Solar Orbiter, have recently become available providing us data with unprecedented resolution observed from close to the Sun to the Earth for studying MHD oscillations and waves.

Discussions will take place around topics including but not limited to: the propagation of waves from the lower to the upper solar atmosphere; the application of solar magneto-seismology (SMS) to structuring in the atmosphere of the Sun; the detection of MHD waves and oscillations in the solar atmosphere and interplanetary space; and the prospects for major advances using the next generation of solar instrumentation.

Hereby, we cordially invite colleagues to contribute to and participate in the discussions. We also encourage all those interested to present their related SUCs or specific observing sequences that would help to achieve the wave-related science goals with the upcoming 4-m class solar telescopes.

The meeting will be hosted online. It will consist of a series of invited and contributed talks together with discussions. Invited speakers include Dr. Anne-Marie Broomhall (Warwick), Prof. Hui Tian (PKU), and Prof. Manuel Collados (IAC, TBC). Depending on the number of contributions we may hold a virtual poster discussion.

Online registration is now open until 12 April 2020 via

Best Regards,

Jiajia Liu (QUB), Chris Nelson (QUB), Robertus Erdélyi (UoS), Mihalis Mathioudakis (QUB)