Second Announcement of The First China-Europe Solar Physics Meeting

February 5, 2017, from Jun Lin

This is the second announcement of the First China-Europe Solar Physics Meeting. Solar physics is an important branch of astrophysics, and is tightly related to the exploration in the deep space, and the space environment. Researches on solar physics and the topics in the related fields in Europe, especially those conducted in Germany, France, and Great Britain, have been well developed in many areas. In recent years, development in studies of solar physics in China is also significant, and solar physics has become a preponderant subjects compared to the other academic disciplines of astrophysics in China. In last three decades, collaborations between China and the European countries have been promoted and got tighter and tighter. There have been totally 4 China-France solar physics meetings and 2 China-Germany meetings have successfully held in China and Europe alternatively. To promote collaborations between China and the European countries in a wider area, and to allow more efficient communications among scientists, especially young scientists, from various countries, solar physicists from China and Europe decide to promote the first China-Europe Solar Physics Meeting in 2017.

The schedule is as following:
Date Morning afternoon
May 14 Registration
May 15 Session 1 Session 2
May 16 Session 2 Session 3
May 17 Sessions 3 and 4 Session 4
May 18 Session 4 Session 5
May 19 Session 6 Session 6
May 20 Adjourn

 Session 1: Solar photosphere and solar cycle
Invited speakers: Jie Jiang, Duncan MacKay

 Session 2: Solar chromosphere and corona
Invited speakers: Hui Tian, T. Wiegelmann, Jorrit Leenarts

 Session 3: Solar flares
Invited speakers: M. D. Ding, Yang Guo

 Session 4: CMEs and solar wind
Invited speakers: Spiros Patsourakos, M. Janvier, M. Temmer

 Seesion 5: Solar instruments
Invited Speakers: Zhong Liu, M. Collados, Hardi Peter

 Session 6: Visit to the Fuxian Solar Observatory in Chengjiang County

Scientific Organizing Committee:
Cheng Fang Co-Chair China
Sami K. Solanki Co-Chair Germany
Pengfei Chen China
Weiqun Gan China
Manolis K.Georgoulis Greece
Luise K. Harra UK
Peter Heinzel Czech
Rony Keppens Belgium
Jun Lin China
Fernando Moreno-Insertis Spain
Goran B. Scharmer Sweden
Brigitte Schmieder France
Jean–Claude Vial France
Oskar von der Lühe Germany
Jingxiu Wang China
Yuming Wang China
Yihua Yan China
Francesca Zuccarello Italy

Local Organizing Committee:
Jun Lin (Yunnan Astronomical Observatory, Chair)
Yu Liu (Yunnan Astronomical Observatories)
Lei Ni (Yunnan Astronomical Observatories)
Xiaoli Yan (Yunnan Astronomical Observatories)
Kaning Wei (Yunnan Astronomical Observatories)

Yu Liu (, Xiaoli Yan (, Lei Ni (

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