SPA-Solar and Heliospheric Physics (SH) Session Announcement: SH012: New Approaches to Studying the Middle Solar Corona

July 11, 2018, from Matthew West

We would like to announcement our session at tis years AGU: SH012: New Approaches to Studying the Middle Solar Corona

In this session we assess the latest advances in instrumentation for observing from the solar surface to the so-called middle corona — the region of the corona out to heights of about 5 solar radii — and problems in coronal physics that could be addressed using observations of this region. In particular, we focus on current and future instrumentation that could address the question of the properties of extended EUV observations or their relationship with white light observations and structures extending into the heliosphere. We seek talks discussing what can be learnt from these observations and how they influence our understanding of structures transiting this region, including streamers, pseudo-streamers and more dynamic structures such as eruptions and flows, whose characteristics (expansion, speed, etc.) are largely dictated by this region. We also encourage presentations of new techniques to access the data, including image processing techniques and new data analysis tools.


Daniel B Seaton | Cooperative Institute for Research in Environmental Sciences
Matthew West | Royal Observatory Belgium
James Paul Mason | University of Colorado at Boulder
Neal E Hurlburt | Lockheed Martin Solar and Astrophysics Laboratory