Summer school on Computational solar and astrophysical modeling

May 21, 2015, from Rony Keppens

Monday 14 September to Friday 18 September, 2015

Supercomputing Centre, FZ Julich, Germany.

This summer school will acquaint a generation of young researchers
(advanced master students, PhDs, and junior postdoctoral researchers) to
modern open-source software efforts adapted to High Performance Computing
platforms, with a deliberate focus on hands-on sessions. In these sessions,
participants will work with three different open-source software packages,
learn about their typical applications and evaluate their performance aspects
on massively parallel systems. Participants will make use of the MPI-AMRVAC
framework on applications covering plasma dynamics in the solar
atmosphere and into the heliosphere. For fully kinetic plasma modeling of e.g.
the Earth’s magnetosphere, they will work with iPic3D. Participants will
also be introduced to the open source Swift cosmological particle hydrodynamics code.

Dedicated compute time on the FZ Julich supercomputers will be
available, allowing participants to explore scaling aspects, perform data
analysis and visualization (using Paraview and Visit), while working on
representative state-of-the-art scientific simulations. The school is open to a
maximum of 28 participants, and is supported by a Belgian Belspo-funded
Interuniversity Attraction Pole P7/08 CHARM (
connecting heliospheric to astrophysical communities.