The dynamics of Solar-Stellar atmospheres: Winds, Flares, & CMEs – SolWind parallel session at NAM2017

March 1, 2017, from Richard Morton

We welcome abstract submissions to ‘The dynamics of Solar-Stellar atmospheres’ parallel session at the National Astronomy Meeting.

The atmospheres of the Sun and many other stars are known to be highly volatile, throwing out plasma and radiation into their surrounding helio-(astro)spheres. In solar-like cool stars, magnetic fields and convective motions play a key role in Coronal Mass Ejections (CMEs) and flaring activity, and associated ejecta are guided through the helio-(astro)sphere by extended magnetic fields as they ride in the continuous stream of fast and slow solar winds. For hot stars there is evidence that magnetic fields and convective motions structure the radiatively driven winds, although the amount of influence magnetic fields have on driving and channelling the winds is still an open question.
In this session, we aim to bring together researchers working across a broad range of topics, and from diverse but interrelated fields, in order to try and draw upon progress in the study of atmospheric phenomena from the Sun and other stars. The session focus is primarily on solar and stellar winds but we are keen to incorporate discussion of recent advances in the study of flares and CME’s.

Any questions regarding contributions please send emails to

The deadline for abstract submission is April 14, 2017. More information can be found at the conference website:

Convenors: R Morton, E Scullion, D S Bloomfield (Northumbria University) L Harra (MSSL/University College London), M Mathioudakis (Queen’s University Belfast), J Vink, G Ramsay (Armagh Observatory), J Mackey (Dublin Institute for Advanced Studies) S Matt (University of Exeter)