UK SKA Science Committee Town Hall Meeting – Update

February 26, 2021, from Steve Brygan

Dear All,

With the UK SKA Town Hall Meeting fast approaching, please find below additional information ahead of the day. If you are yet to register, registration is still open and you can register for free here. Registration will close at midnight on the 28th February.

The meeting will be split into two sections. The first Overview Session (13:30 to 15:00) will be a webinar during which we will receive presentations from Robert Braun (SKAO), Anna Bonaldi (SKAO) and Matt Jarvis (Oxford). The webinar login details will be distributed to registered participants on the afternoon of 1st March. Please dial into the webinar just before 13:30 (GMT).

During the Coffee Break at 15:00, we will transfer over to to begin the second session. Login details to will also be distributed to registered participants on the 1st March. Prior to the Town Hall Meeting, please follow the links for a Tutorial on using and its System Requirements. Especially for those who have never used, it is important to test the platform out beforehand in case there are any technical issues.

For the Science Working Group Introduction session, a virtual table will be created within for each of the Science Working Groups. Discussions at each table will last for 15 minutes before attendees will be asked to rotate to another virtual table. Attendees will be advised on Monday 1st March of the virtual tables they should attend, in line with their interests identified when registering. Please find below the list of Science Working Groups and Discussion Leads. Please note that the discussion times may be subject to change depending on the level of interest in each Science Working Group.

Science Working Group – Discussion Leads
Cosmology – Laura Wolz (University of Manchester)
Gravitational Waves – Samaya Nissanke (University of Amsterdam, GRAPPA)
Cradle of Life – Josep Miquel Girart (Institute of Space Sciences, ICE)
Epoch of Reionization – Andrei Mesinger (Scuola Normale Superiore)
Abhirup Datta (IIT Indore)
Extragalactic Continuum – Beatriz Mingo (The Open University)
Mark Sargent (University of Sussex)
Extragalactic Spectral Lines – Sebastien Muller (Chalmers)
HI Galaxy Science – Anastasia Ponomareva (University of Oxford)
Magnetism – Valentina Vacca (INAF)
Our Galaxy – Jan Forbrich (University of Hertfordshire)
Pulsars – Lina Preston (University of Manchester)
Solar, Heliospheric and Ionospheric Physics – Hamish Reid (Glasgow University)
Transients – David Williams (University of Manchester)
VLBI – Alasdair Thomson (University of Manchester)

Further details of the Town Hall Meeting can be found at: Please contact Simon Haynes and Hugh Alabaster if you have any questions.

The Organising Committee