UK Solar Orbiter workshop – Last call for abstracts

May 13, 2019, from Valori Gherardo

UK Solar Orbiter Workshop – Last call for abstracts
Date : 3rd-4th June 2019
Venue : UCLU Room Math 500, UCL Gordon Square 25, London


Solar Orbiter is an ESA/NASA mission designed to answer some of the key questions in heliophysics, from the origin and variability of the solar wind to the link between solar eruptions, magnetic fields and energetic particles. Solar Orbiter will have a unique combination of in-situ and remote-sensing instruments, probing the atmosphere close to the Sun in and out of the ecliptic plane. The modeling of the magnetic environment that will be experienced by the satellite and its connection to the Sun will be key to the success of both the in-flight operations as well as to the mission’s scientific goals.
With the launch of Solar orbiter scheduled for February 2020, the UK solar Orbiter Workshop aims to bring together the expertise of the UK solar community in magnetic modeling and model validation, to increase the UK impact on the international efforts in preparation for Solar Orbiter operations, and to coordinate the UK efforts for the exploitation of the satellite observations.
All members of the UK solar physics community interested in the Solar Orbiter mission goals are encouraged to attend.

Registration is now open and will close on May 15th. Please register at

Due to venue limitations the number of participant is capped, and early registration is encouraged.

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