UK Space Safety Community Meeting

July 15, 2020, from Natasha Jeffrey

Dear Colleagues.

We are planning to hold a UK Space Safety Community Meeting to ensure everyone is up to date on the Space Safety Programme and enable us to share detail of what is being delivered and what we are still seeking to achieve from our £80M investment. Additionally, we are hoping it will be an excellent forum to identify opportunities and risks in the current programme and provide evidence towards making cases for future investments.

It will be full day virtual Zoom meeting, split across two distinct sessions. This will enable us to facilitate plenty of short breaks and will also to allow participants to connect for the morning or afternoon session if they do not want to attend the entire day.

To agree a date we have set up a Doodle Poll: – please complete this by the end of 16th July 2020. The proposed agenda is as follows:

Morning Session 09:00h-13:00h
Keynote: UK interests in the ESA Space Safety Programme (UKSA)
Focus Space Weather
o Space Weather core activities
o The Lagrange L5 Mission
o Space Weather Infrastructure & International opportunities
o SWIMMR – progress and next steps
o Next steps for Space Weather in the UK

Afternoon Session 14:00h-17:30h
Keynote: Wider developments across the ESA Space Safety Programme (ESA)
Focus SST, Debris & Cleanspace
o Cleanspace Core Activities
o ADRIOS Mission update
o SST Core Activities
o UK National & International SST Development

Best wishes and we look forward to talking with you on Zoom,

Mario (on behalf of the organisers)
Mike Willis (UKSA), Barbara-Ann Curran (Met Office), Mario M. Bisi (UKRI STFC RAL Space), and Claire Garland (IOP)

P.S. If you did not receive this E-Mail directly last week from Mike Willis, then this is because you are not on his mailing list for these UK announcements; should you wish to be on his mailing list, then please E-Mail me to have your E-Mail address, name, and affiliation added to the list…