VarSITI Closing Symposium

March 26, 2019, from Dibyendu Nandi

VarSITI Closing Symposium
June 10-14, 2019
Sofia, Bulgaria

VarSITI, the scientific program of SCOSTEP focuses on the recent and expected future solar activity and its consequences for the Earth, over various time scales from thousands of years to milliseconds, and at various locations from the solar interior to the Earth’s atmosphere. In particular, VarSITI focuses on the interconnections in the Sun-Earth system, and encourages the interaction among scientists working on different aspects of this complex system. The VarSITI program is coming to an end. For five years, more than 1,100 scientists from 71 countries have been working on its four scientific projects:

SEE (Solar Evolution and Extrema),
MiniMax24/ISEST (International Study of Earth-affecting Solar Transients),
SPeCIMEN (Specification and Prediction of the Coupled Inner-Magnetospheric Environment), and
ROSMIC (Role Of the Sun and the Middle atmosphere/thermosphere/ionosphere In Climate)

The purpose of this Closing Symposium is to summarize the results of the program, discuss what progress has been made, what new scientific questions have emerged and what should be the focus of the next scientific program. The community is invited to participate in this closing meeting. Further details are available at the conference web page.

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