A careers event for physics and astronomy PhDs and postdocs

July 8, 2019, from Richard Morton

The Institute of Physics, STFC and RAS are passionate about helping you explore and develop your career to ensure you reach your full potential. Therefore, we are hosting a careers event for physics and astronomy PhDs and postdocs, on Wednesday 31 July 2019, Glasgow 10.30 – 15.15, and invite you to attend. This event is free if you are an STFC funded student or member of the IOP.

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This one day event is perfect if you:

–           wish to explore your career options post-PhD;

–           want to understand the value of your PhD to the wider economy;

–           want to understand how to make the most of your PhD;

–           would like to network.

TTP will deliver a presentation on why they recruit PhD students – this session is ideal if you want to understand how the skills gained during your PhD/postdoc and how they are valued beyond academia.

Kristin Kay, Data Scientist at Sainsbury’s will talk to you about making the most of your PhD.

Roundtable panellists include:

Carlton Baugh, Department of Physics, University of Durham
Kate Adamson, Patent Attorney, Marks & Clerk
Nils Hempler, Head of Innovation, MSquared
Chris Hole, Senior Consultant, TTP
Tracey Skivington, Electro-Options Consultant, Thales UK
Scott Lawrie, Ion Source Section Leader, STFC RAL

Vishanti Fox, Careers and CPD Manager, IOP, will provide a CV checking service. If you are interested in attending this you will need to register on the day.

So, whether you wish to embark on a career outside academia or intend to pursue an academic career, this event will give you the edge.

Please use this link to register for the careers event.

This careers event will take place during the International Nuclear Physics Conference 2019 and will provide opportunities for you to connect with both delegates from the careers event and the INPC. Professor Jim Al-Khalil will deliver a public lecture on Nuclear Physics and the Making of the Modern Periodic Table on Tuesday 30 July 2019. You are invited to attend but you will need to register for the talk.

If you are a member of the IOP or an STFC funded student you are required to pay a £30 deposit.  The deposit and travel costs for STFC funded attendees will be reimbursed by STFC. To reclaim your travel expenses and deposit STFC will give you a claim form on the day. If you are a member of the IOP, the IOP will refund your deposit.

If you are not a member of the IOP you will be required to pay £30. However, you can join the IOP for as little as £35 per year.

If you have any queries please contact studentships@stfc.ac.uk.