A&A pages charges – further information

March 15, 2021, from Sarah Matthews

Further to our recent update with respect to A&A pages charges for UK authors, we received further clarification on the changes from André Moitinho, Chairperson A&A Board of Directors:

As you might know, A&A is co-sponsored by many countries (currently 27. The UK not one of them). This income is what allows authors from the sponsoring countries to publish free of charge, while keeping the journal subscription price low for all countries (not just for the A&A countries).

For many years, it was possible to waive charges to our colleagues in the UK and Ireland without significant impact on the cost of operating A&A. This courtesy was not granted to other developed countries. However, the journal has been growing and since 2018 the number of pages published has been quite above that covered in the contract with the publisher. These extra pages must be paid separately and have an important impact in the journal’s finances. For this reason we can no longer accommodate waiving charges for the UK and Ireland. Supporting the extra costs would mean increasing the contributions from sponsoring countries, including many countries that are quite poorer than the UK (https://www.aanda.org/about-aa/board-of-directors), which I hope you understand is not a reasonable request.

Still, there is a firm wish of keeping proximity with the colleagues from the UK. There have been conversations with JISC but no deal was reached at this point (we hope conversations can be resumed at some point).

Finally, there are a number of exceptions that allow researchers from non-A&A countries to publish for free in A&A. The A&A Letters and other sections are an example. Articles from collaborations with a strong participation of A&A countries can also be eligible. So are researchers that have just moved from an A&A country. For other particular cases you might consider as qualifying, please contact the A&A Editor in Chief.