Availability of further X-class flare data from the Swedish Solar Telescope

October 22, 2018, from Aaron Reid

During one of the UK service runs at the Swedish 1-m Solar Telescope (SST) in 2017, the observers managed to capture a series of M- and X-class flares from Active Region 12763. This active region produced the most powerful flares of the current solar cycle, and we are pleased to announce that more reduced data are now available to the UK community. These data were obtained intermittently from 09:04 – 16:46 UT on 6 September 2017, during which the observations captured an X2.2 and the (previously released) X9.3 flare.

All data consist of H-alpha imaging spectroscopy and Ca II 8542A spectropolarimetry, with an average cadence of 15 seconds. The Ca II 8542 data have some fringing issues, and with the poor seeing on the day, the linear polarisation signals should be handled with caution.

Should you wish to access these data, please email aaron.reid@qub.ac.uk and m.mathioudakis@qub.ac.uk to organise transfer of the relevant files. Further flare data will be available in due course, and their release will be announced in the UKSP Newsletter.