Call for Applications and Nominations to STFC’s Science Board, Committees and Peer Review Panels, 2019

April 8, 2019, from Richard Morton

Every year, a number of vacancies become available on STFC’s advisory bodies and peer review panels. These bodies perform a vital function for STFC, providing advice and guidance that aids our strategic direction and supports decision-making processes. A full list of vacant positions can be found here:

Members of advisory bodies and panels have the opportunity to influence STFC’s strategy, policies, and funding decisions, as well as guiding STFC to most effectively develop the societal impact of our investments and best support our research and innovation communities. Members will also expand their professional networks and explore a wide range of challenges related to investment in UK science and engineering.


STFC is committed to the principles of fair and transparent decision-making. Appointments to our boards, committees and panels will be assessed via an appropriate review process, according to the requirements listed by each programme area that focus on an applicant’s qualifications, skills, experiences, behaviours, and personal characteristics.

This is an annual call and, as a result, membership may commence at different times. For all committees, members will be appointed for three years unless otherwise stated. Please note, you can make a self-application or can be nominated by someone. If nominating, please ensure that the nominee is aware of, and agrees to, the nomination.

Nomination / application form is available here

The closing date is Tuesday 30 April 2019.

If you require any further information, please contact Natalia Sengkudduvan.