ESA Voyage 2050 Topical Team application deadline (6th May)

May 2, 2019, from Richard Morton

Dear Colleagues,

The European Space Agency’s Science Programme relies on bottom-up community-led long-term planning of its scientific priorities. These planning activities have previously led to Horizon 2000, Horizon 2000 Plus (resulting in Gaia and BepiColombo), and Cosmic Vision. The next planning cycle, Voyage 2050, is now underway and will define the science themes for new large L-class missions after L3, and will highlight broad thematic areas for six or seven new medium M-class missions after 2035.

The Voyage 2050 Senior Committee (chair: Linda Tacconi, MPE; vice-chair: Chris Arridge, Lancaster University) are seeking self-nominations for membership of Topical Teams that will play a vital role in analysing the content of community white papers and providing advice and recommendations to the Senior Committee. This advice will play an important role in shaping the ESA Science Programme up to 2050. Please note that. unlike Cosmic Vision, this Voyage 2050 planning cycle will result in a determination of the science themes for all three L-class missions in Voyage 2050 and this will be determined based on submitted white papers and recommendations of Topical Teams.

All scientists working in ESA Member States are invited to apply to be a Topical Team member. Early career scientists and postdocs are encouraged to apply. Expertise in observational methods and/or space missions is not required and researchers with more theoretical backgrounds are equally welcome. The exact number, structure and themes of each Topical Team will be determined after the application deadline.

The deadline for Topical Team applications is Monday 6th May 2019 (1200 CEST). Please apply at the following URL: The application is not too arduous and should include a cover page, CV (maximum of two pages), and motivational statement (maximum two pages).

We look forward to your applications.

Best wishes,

Chris Arridge, on behalf of the Voyage 2050 Senior Committee