Heliophysics Summer School: books, online materials, and application

January 16, 2015, from David Williams (UKSP DC)

The NASA Heliophysics Summer School will see its 9th incarnation this summer. Advanced graduate students and beginning postdocs are encouraged to send in their applications by February 27. Learn more at www.vsp.ucar.edu/Heliophysics/summer-about-over.shtml

Over the years, this project has also developed three books, published by Cambridge University Press. For information on these, go to: www.vsp.ucar.edu/Heliophysics/science-resources-textbooks.shtml A fourth printed Heliophysics volume, on comparative heliophysics of the solar system and exoplanet systems, is being prepared for publication.

A fifth volume, focusing on space weather and society, is now available on line as a “living document” that may grow in the coming years. Download it from www.lmsal.com/~schryver/HSS5/HSS5.pdf

In parallel, the School has developed lab exercises and question sets, and has collected the presentation files from the lecturers and – over past few years – recorded the lectures. You can access these materials at www.vsp.ucar.edu/Heliophysics/science-resources.shtml. We welcome your input on any of this.