IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM ALMA – Update on the Status of ALMA Cycles 7 and 8

April 30, 2020, from Astrolists

Statement from ALMA:

Apr 24, 2020

On behalf of the ALMA Director, with support from all Executives, the recent decisions taken regarding the status of Cycle 7 and Cycle 8 are as follows:

• The start of ALMA Cycle 8 has been postponed until 2021 October. It is anticipated that the Cycle 8 Call for Proposals will open again in 2021 March.
• ALMA Cycle 7 will continue through 2021 September, with currently non-completed projects ranked A, B and C remaining in the observing queue.

There remain many questions outstanding regarding resuming observations and accepting future proposals during these uncertain times. ALMA is working on these questions and will provide a next update to the community in the coming weeks.

The Regional ARCs continue to provide support to their communities. Please contact the ALMA Helpdesk at if you have any questions, comments or concerns.

Remote support during the current COVID-19 outbreak

With the on-going COVID-19 outbreak, the UK ARC Node will be providing remote / electronic support to users only for the next several weeks. This is in compliance with local recommendations at the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics. A full statement regard operations of Jodrell Bank, e-MERLIN and the JBCA can be found here.

If you require user support in the coming weeks, we are contactable via the usual means (contact details below) and can provide a range of electronic support options to help you with your ALMA requirements.

Contact Details

For any queries or support requests for ALMA observations contact us by:

ALMA helpdesk: