Influencing the future ESA archives (including for Solar Orbiter).

February 11, 2019, from Louise Harra

I’d like to briefly discuss an opportunity for you to influence the way you will be able to access data in the future from ESA. I am a member of the ESA Heliophysics Archives User Group (HAUS). This was all new to me as I personally hadn’t used ESA archives before but Solar Orbiter data will be available from them (
The plasma community will know this better through Cluster, and there are planetary archives as well. SOHO is obviously there as well.

The ESA HAUS committee want to collate short science cases on how to use their archives in different ways – this can be combining datasets such as planetary with solar, solar with astronomy, or modelling with anything. Is there anything would make your research easier? Enable you to answer science questions that are currently difficult now? Or enable you to address Solar Orbiter questions with more ease? jHelioviewer comes under the ESA wing for example. These science cases will be used to help mould how the archives will look in future. The science cases will be short, and your input is important for the future. Guidance for your input is given below – no more than 1 A4 page. Please send to me at l.harra @ by the end of March.

Science case format:

Science goal: provide science questions that are currently challenging to carry out with separate archives.

Archives and modelling required: describe which datasets and archives are necessary to carry out this work.

Ideal situation of data sources: in an ideal world, describe how the data access and modelling interaction could be easier.