Living Reviews in Solar Physics: 5 Years Online

December 17, 2009, from David Williams (UKSP DC)

From: Frank Schulz

Living Reviews in Solar Physics: 5 Years Online

The journal Living Reviews in Solar Physics happily celebrates its 5th anniversary in 2009! We would like to thank our readers and authors for their interest and support.

On 14 December 2009, we have published an update of the review “Magnetic Fields in the Solar Convection Zone” by Yuhong Fan.

This publication perfectly demonstrates the concept of our ‘living’ reviews: The original article of 2004 was revised in February 2007 by adding a few recent studies and results. Now, a major revision updates this review by adding 55 references, new figures and movies, and substantially rewritten sections.

The Living Reviews Reference Database currently contains metadata from more than 5,400 records cited in our articles.