New mailing list for Data Science related topics

January 2, 2020, from Natasha Jeffrey

Dear Colleagues,

Following on from the recent Data Science for Physics and Astronomy scoping workshop, sponsored by the Alan Turing Institute, we have set up a community mailing list that will be used for data science related topics. This mailing list is DATASCIENCE-HEPASTRO@JISCMAIL.AC.UK in case you wish to send a mail to the community. If you would like to receive e-mail from this mailing list subscribe via:

We also invite those of you who are actively interested in data science and machine learning to complete the following short survey so that we can better understand the level and breadth of interests across the community. This survey should take only take one or two minutes of your time to complete. If you are interested in taking the survey please follow the link below:

Please note that we may share some information entered into this form with STFC.

Best wishes,

Adrian Bevan, Benjamin Joachimi and Darren Price