New Outreach Book on Cosmic Sci-Art

June 26, 2019, from Richard Morton

Oor Big Braw Cosmos – A Cocktail of Cosmic Science, Imagery and Poetry

John C. Brown (Astronomer Royal for Scotland) & poet Rab Wilson, Scriever in Residence, Robert Burns Museum)

May 2019 saw the culmination of my long passion for sci-art projects in publication of our book celebrating the beauty of the cosmos and its workings in a multidimensional way through science, imagery and poetry. It aims to bring this multifaceted beauty of our vast universe, and the fun of studying it, to the widest possible audience, and to help break down false cross-cultural barriers. Forewords by Professors Andy Lawrence (Edinburgh) and Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell (Oxford).

It may be of interest to solar folk interested in the arts and involved in outreach. It is copiously illustrated with astro/space art, portraits, and astrophotography, much of it by amateurs. Among its many topic, it contains a basic overview of solar physics and some special items including one of the best versions of images of sun-grazing comet Ison through the low solar atmosphere and mention of the value of such comets as solar probes. In its first month of sales its lucid explanations are also proving welcome among teachers, and its wide scope making it sell well as a gift item.

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Dava Sobel (author of Longitude):Because the universe is too big to traverse on foot, or via any vehicle yet devised, humans have to probe it mentally. Some describe its majesty with mathematical formulae. Others encompass it through verse. This delightfully audacious new book does both. Here, astronomer John Brown and poet Rab Wilson not only unite their cosmic visions, but also vivify them with images captured by space probes [or by amateurs] or conjured by their favorite space artists. The result is positively four-dimensional

Chris Lintott (Sky at Night):John Brown has always had a unique way of talking about astronomy, bringing cutting edge ideas to the widest possible audience. This exciting collection promises to be a brand new way for all of us to catch up with the latest in cosmic thinking, with a Scottish twist.


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