New version of SunPy released

August 31, 2017, from Jack Ireland

Submitted by Jack Ireland on behalf of the SunPy community.

We are pleased to announce the release of SunPy 0.8. This new version brings many major features to SunPy including:

– a coordinates package that facilitates the easy representation of locations on the Sun, and their transformation between different solar and astrophysical coordinate systems.
– unified data search and retrieval capabilities.
– a timeseries data type for the representation and manipulation of time series data.
– powerful tools for manipulating map data, coordinates and plots.
– a gallery of examples demonstrating SunPy functionality.

To install SunPy 0.8, please go to

This release features 1442 commits solving 163 issues in 200 pull requests from 35 contributors, including 17 new contributors. For more details see

SunPy is a community-developed free and open-source software package for solar physics, written in Python. To ask a question, report a bug or contribute code, please go to