Next UK-SOSS on 17th September, 2020, 10:00 am (UK time)

September 9, 2020, from Marianna Korsos

The next seminar will be held on: 17th September, 2020, 10:00 am (UK time)

Speaker: Prof. William Chaplin (University of Birmingham)
Title: Probing the Solar Cycle with BiSON: The Solar-Stellar Connection
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Meeting ID: 953 3817 1418


In this talk I will review how we are utilizing helioseismic observations made by the Birmingham Solar-Oscillations Network (BiSON) to provide unique inferences on the solar activity cycle, using its unprecedented long timebase dataset that is now extending into a fifth cycle. I will also discuss how we are using these data together with asteroseismic data, collected on other Sun-like stars by the NASA Kepler Mission, to provide a broader perspective on stellar activity and dynamo action in main-sequence stars.

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Marianna Korsos, Chris Nelson, and JiaJia Liu

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