Quantum Technologies for Fundamental Physics – Research Call Opens 30th September 2019

September 18, 2019, from Sian Giles-Titcombe

On 30 September STFC and EPSRC will open a research call for the Quantum Technologies for Fundamental Physics (QTFP) programme. This is a new programme which, building on the investments of the National Quantum Technology Programme, aims to demonstrate how the application of quantum technologies will advance the understanding of fundamental physics questions.

The call has total funding of £36m and will look to fund up to seven projects of £2m and above each (80% fEC). Requests for over £5m should contact the office before applying. The call will be for research consortia, i.e. joint proposals with a common research programme from groups of researchers in more than one organisation. Successful applications will require interdisciplinary research teams comprising researchers from both the fundamental physics and quantum technology communities.

The call’s fundamental physics remit covers quantum science, astronomy, particle physics, particle astrophysics and nuclear physics. Applications to the call will be expected to show how quantum technologies will enhance or enable their research area of interest.

The call will be open to all individuals and organisations eligible for UKRI funding. PSREs are asked to contact the office to check if they are eligible. Grants will commence on 1 May 2020 and end no later than 30 September 2023. Successful projects will be expected to show tangible outcomes and results within the lifespan of the funding. The standard STFC/EPSRC expectation for Research Organisations to contribute to the cost of equipment at around the 50% level will apply.

Applicants will be required to complete an online Intention to Submit form on the STFC website by 31 October 2019 prior to submitting a full application. The closing date for full proposals will be 3 December 2019.

Full details on the call, including the application process and assessment criteria, will be published on the STFC website.

Contact: Rachel Reynolds, QTFP Programme Manager, QTFP@stfc.ukri.org