Reminder: Ph.D. Dissertation Prize — deadline Dec 15

November 12, 2018, from Richard Morton

We encourage new PhDs – who have defended their thesis between 16 December 2017 and 15 December 2018 anywhere in the world – to apply for the IAU PhD prize. Each Division can award one prize ( Please help spread the word to institutions and organizations that award Doctorates in the activity areas of Division E. The deadline is 15 December 2018.

Junior Membership — deadline Dec 31 (note application process varies from nation to nation, and applicants are advised to start the process well in advance of this deadline)

Researchers who have just completed their PhD in a branch of Astronomy and Astrophysics can be nominated as an IAU Junior Member. Evaluations are made annually by the Executive Committee. The membership is temporary and cannot be extended for more than 6 years.

Individuals applying for nomination for IAU Junior Membership should contact their NCA or Adhering Organization (whichever applies).

Nomination for IAU Junior Membership residing in a country which is not a National Member of the IAU can be applied for by contacting the NCA or Adhering Organization in a neighbouring IAU National Member country, or by contacting one of the IAU Division Presidents. If the applicant wishes to follow this route for Division E, please contact

The procedure is now electronic, via forms made available by the IAU to the NCAs, the Adhering Organizations, and the Division presidents. For reference, the forms include the full name, date and place of birth, and nationality of the candidate; postal and electronic addresses; the University, year, and subject of the Ph.D. or equivalent degree; the current affiliation and occupation, and the IAU Division(s) which the candidate wishes to join, plus any additional information required by the NCA or Adhering Organization.