Solar Physics Webinar of Global Reach – 16th May

May 15, 2018, from Richard Morton

Solar Physics Webinar of Global Reach (SPW-GR) was launched on 2018 April 18 under support of the Center for Solar-Terrestrial Research (CSTR) at NJIT (connection and coordination support) and Laboratory for Experimental Astrophysics, Ioffe Institute (web site support). The presentation, recording of the first talk, entitled “Multifaceted Solar Physics: The High-energy Aspects of Solar Flares,” given by Dr. Hugh Hudson, and a follow-up are now available online at the webinar web page ( for free access. The first talk was virtually attended by about 50 people; the video has more than 130 views; the follow up has 40 views.


The next talk in the series, entitled “The dynamic chromosphere of the Sun – Current models and challenges,” will be given by Dr. Sven Wedemeyer (Oslo).


The Webinar uses the Cisco Webex service available at NJIT (link to connect:; meeting # 924 797 400) and is coordinated by Dr. Gregory Fleishman.


The next talk is scheduled on Wednesday, 2018 May 16 at 14:00 UT.


For details, see the SPW-GR web page


Visit the SPW-GR web page