Solar Storms in Virtual Reality – Public outreach material available

March 2, 2017, from Miho Janvier

Solar Storm VR is a virtual reality experience that let you witness the birth of a solar storm at the Sun, its journey in the solar system and how it impacts the Earth. This outreach project, funded by the Science and Technology Facilities Council (UK) and Sf2A (France) in 2016, aims at inspiring, enthusing and educating the general public, from kids to adults, about space science, and in particular solar storms.

Solar Storm VR was presented exclusively at science festivals in 2016 (Smashfest UK, International Edinburgh Science Festival, The Times Cheltenham Science Festival). However, since 2017, Solar Storm VR is freely available for downloads or direct viewing on Youtube (some browsers may not enable 360 viewing, we recommend Google Chrome)

You can find downloadable materials (for VR headsets) on our website:

Youtube 360 link:

Alternatively, some explanations can be found on our brochure:

Do not hesitate to use this material for public outreach!