Solar System Advisory Panel Questionnaire 2018 – request for community input to the Astronomy Programme Evaluation

November 7, 2018, from Huw Morgan

The Solar System Advisory Panel (SSAP) requests your help in providing information to the STFC Astronomy Programme Evaluation, for the next STFC Balance of Programmes Review and as preparation for future funding priorities.

The SSAP invite members of the solar system community, at all levels from PhD to Professor, to respond to a questionnaire which includes questions on science themes and facilities representing the current and near-future scientific priorities for UK solar system physics. These were last developed by the SSAP during the last Balance of Programmes review in 2016. The community’s response to this questionnaire, as well as the past report will form the starting point for this review.

The information from this questionnaire will be summarised by the SSAP and provided to the STFC Astronomy Programme Evaluation as a report. Note that Particle Astrophysics, including Gravitational Wave detection, the Cherenkov Telescope Array and neutrino astrophysics are covered by the Particle Astrophysics Advisory Panel. Non-solar system astronomy is covered by the Astronomy Advisory panel. People who have research interests across the solar system and astronomy panels may submit questionnaires to both panels as appropriate. Note the astronomy questionnaire is slightly different to this, the SSAP questionnaire.

Please submit your views via the questionnaire , the closing date for responses is 28th November 2018 at 5:00pm.

We appreciate your input.

Solar System Advisory Panel.