Special issue “Advances in Solar Physics” – published

January 31, 2019, from Eduard Kontar

The special issue “Advances in Solar Physics” inspired by the last European Solar Physics meeting is published :


The Guest Editors are grateful to all the authors for their valuable time and efforts, without which the publication of this issue would have been impossible, and we congratulate them for the acceptance of their manuscripts. We also thank all the referees for their hard work and invaluable advice, that profoundly improved the Issue. The names of all reviewers who agreed to be identified are listed at the end of the Issue. Last, but certainly not least, we thank in advance the diverse readers of this Issue, who can contribute decisively to its success. To these perpetual intellectual wanderers, students, scholars and thinkers alike, we wish an enjoyable and rewarding reading.

Guest Editors:
Manolis K.Georgoulis
Eduard P.Kontar