Special Issue on “MHD Waves in the Solar Atmosphere: Heating and Seismology”

September 3, 2018, from Patrick Antolin

A special issue will be published in Frontiers of Astronomy and Space Sciences in order to celebrate the 20th year anniversary of the first detection of
transverse waves in the solar corona. Since then, it has become obvious that MHD waves are omnipresent in the solar corona. This opens new opportunities
for MHD seismology of the solar atmosphere. Moreover, it raises the additional question if and how these waves are relevant to coronal heating.

Everybody is welcome to contribute to this special issue.

The deadline for abstract submission to this special issue is 23 September 2018.
The deadline for the submission of the manuscripts is 18 January 2019.

For more information and abstract/manuscript submission, please visit

The guest editors are Valery Nakariakov, Bo Li, Patrick Antolin and Tom Van Doorsselaere.