STFC research into early career experiences of public engagement and outreach

October 26, 2020, from Natasha Jeffrey

Dear Early Career Scientists and Engineers,

I would like to invite you to participate in a study we are carrying out into the experiences that early career scientists and engineers* have of public engagement and outreach. This study has been commissioned by the STFC PEER Forum for early career scientists and engineers, which you can find out more about here:

As part of this study we are looking to collect as wide a range of experiences of engagement as possible through an online questionnaire. We are looking for negative and neutral responses as well as positive ones. All responses will be anonymous; there is more detail on this on the consent page before you participate.

You can access the questionnaire for early career scientists and engineers through this link:

We will be collecting responses for the next month. The survey will close on 24th November 2020. Please do complete it at your earliest convenience, and feel free to pass it onto other people who you think meet our criteria.

This survey is accompanied by a complementary one for the managers of early career scientists and engineers. If you also meet this criteria, or know someone who does, then this questionnaire can be accessed through this link:

Many, many thanks in advance for your contributions!
Dr Elizabeth Cunningham, on behalf of the STFC PEER Forum

*Our current definition for early career is: Have completed (or currently studying for) their highest level of academic qualification within the last ten years (not including any career breaks).